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I'm mobile web designer and use this mobile simulator myself.
I usually get some "Wows" from clients. It's a great way to present your sites.

Using a Mobile Simulator for Your Business

It's important to present your mobile websites to clients in a professional manner. I recently started offering mobile sites to my clients and figured I needed a cool way to display my sites. I came across some mobile simulators that weren't that great. Most of them were clunky and had lotst of bugs. I then came across this simulator that was easy to setup and looked great. I decided to design my own and came up with this. Since the iPhone is one of the most popular phones I used it as my image.

I then included it in all my emails that I sent out to clients. My emails would consist of a simple message stating that their website isn't mobile friendly. It would include about 2-3 sentences and then a link to the mobile simulator page. Under that I would have my signature and then a PS message. Studies have shown that people don't read PS messages as much as they used to but it can't hurt to put one in. I once sent out 20 of these emails with the embedded mobile simulator link and landed 2 websites! I was amazed. Now I have sent out 100's of emails and a ratio of 2 out of 20 is very rare. But the response I had from the mobile simulator was awesome. The people that didn't even want a mobile site were still positive and thanked me for contacting them.

The mobile simulator can be used in any type of site. Currently for my mobile sites I use plain HTML. For my websites I use Wordpress. It can be inserted into either of these with some simple lines of coding. The only other step is to upload the image to your webserver. The code points to where the image is hosted and that's basically it. You then display what site you want to present to your client and send them the link. For the 20 emails I sent out and landed 2 sites example above, I used a demo site for each business. I was targeting vineyards so sent them a basic vineyard site and sent out the same simulator link. Instead of creating a different site for each email I used just one.

My last tip in using this mobile simulator would be that if you send an email to prospects with a link, follow up with them instead of waiting for their response. I used an email tracking program to see when the prospect opened the email. Then I would send them another email within 24 hours asking them how they liked it. Since it was still fresh in their mind most would respond. Of course I didn't land all clients that opened the email but I learned from what they like and didn't like. I was surprised that only about 40% opened the message. Not bad for a blind email! Anyway enjoy the mobile simulator and please contact us if you have any questions.

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